2 thoughts on “MTTG2: Erika Bryan”

  1. Wow, really enjoying listening to these today! I relate so much!

    Our annual season fight was always the “When will you be home?” question. Always later than he said! We pinpointed this,though, and learned that I need to be flexible, but he just needs to tell me if he’s going to be running late. Just a simple text. Also, readying the book “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud really helped me to deal with things like him not being home for supper or bedtime. Excellent relationship book! They also have a “Boundaries in Marriage.”

    1. Noel, so glad you could connect to Erika’s interview. I was so glad when she mentioned how the tension ramps up when he is about to be in season and when he returns back home for off season. That made me feel like, “wow, it’s not just me!” Baseball season just started for us, and last week was exactly what Erika described… I will write this book down onto my LIST of books! Thank you for sharing!

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