MTTG13: Nancy Stewart

Nancy Stewart, the wife of a retired football & track coach, has an unrivaled passion for the “game”…her coach, the athletes, the students, and the coaching families! Listen as she shares some pearls of wisdom and insight and as she explains the difference between being the wife of a coach vs. choosing to be a Coach’s Wife!

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MTTG12: Kelsey Phillips

Recently engaged, but definitely not new to the game, Kelsey Phillips brings an infectious, positive energy to wherever the game leads her. As the daughter of coaching parents, Kelsey takes on her role as coach’s wife with a “No Fear” attitude!

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MTTG10: Leyla & Ed Padalecki

Ever wondered who or what is behind the Married to the Game Podcast? In this episode, Leyla Padalecki and her husband are interviewed by Top Coach Podcast Host, Jack Warren. Listen as Leyla & Ed share how and why this whole thing got started!

MTTG9: Michann Heath

Daughter of a coach, Michann Heath knew what she was getting herself into when she took on the role of Coach’s wife. Michann discusses the challenges of having “all eyes on you” when you’re the new kid in town or when your husband takes on the roll as Head Coach.

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MTTG8: Noel Stacey

MTTG welcomes Noel Stacy of Ingram, Texas. Noel is a blogger, entrepreneur, mother of 3, and all around frugal gal! She shares some of her best recipes from her first cookbook, tips on financial freedom, and how to be charitable even when you don’t think you can afford it. Check out Noel’s website,, to get inspired in the kitchen, and to purchase her cookbooks!

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MTTG6: Cindy Moilan

Married To The Game welcomes Cindy Moilan of Fort Worth, Texas. This interview with Cindy is short, sweet, and SASSY! Cindy is an energetic mother/wife/teacher who lives life to the fullest! She balances out home, work, and still finds ways to invest her time into her husband’s program. She is ALL IN!

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